Curb Appeal! The Home’s First Impression.

When it comes to selling your Home in the Denver real estate market, first impressions are a big factor. If your Denver area home is missing out on Curb Appeal, you are fighting an uphill battle with getting your Denver area home sold. Over 80% of today’s home buyers start their Denver area home search on the internet. Based on what they find, they may drive by before they contact their agent to see the home.

It is the first impression and appeal from the curb that will lure potential home buyers into your home. If you are missing the Curb Appeal, you are missing the mark. Do you want your home to be eliminated before the home buyers even see the inside Not in today’s real estate market. So what do you do The Denver Real Estate blog has great real estate information about this and like it says, you start at the curb.

Check that Mailbox. Is it past its prime If so, replace it with a new one.

How are the driveway and sidewalk Are they in good condition Are they stained Make sure to power-wash the concrete to clean away the stains.

Power-wash the exterior of your home and when done, compare it to other homes for sale in your area. If those other homes look better than yours you should have it painted.

Clean those windows inside and out. Potential home buyers will look through them. Clean windows show you care about your home.

If your front door does not look perfect, paint it. The entrance can make a big impression on home buyers and you want it to look great!

Install fresh light bulbs on the exterior and make sure they are turned on at night. Your home should be well lit.

Pick up all trash and toys.
Treat the grass to bring out the green and eliminate spots.
Keep the grass trimmed and edged, creating a crisp look.
Eliminate any decorative items that may be a negative.
Place plants in the front yard to add color and increase the appeal.
If gardening is not for you, hire a landscaper while your home is on the market.

When you are selling your home there are many things to consider. Curb appeal is a major consideration because it is the first impression for a potential home buyer. Purchasing a home is an emotional experience. You need to appeal to those emotions to sell your home fast and get top dollar.

When searching for a Denver Home online there is no better place to start than at your Denver Realtors website.